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THE DOORWAY - an invocation

Oh Winged Ones - the Dragons, the Fireflies, Great White Pegasus, She Dragonfly, Lucy Sweet Hummingbird. Flap your wings to make the wind on our face. Eagle-Condor, lead the way.

Oh Pawed Ones - Jaguar, Snow Leopard, Magritte' Lovely Cheetah - come paw around our circle.

Join us beloved Finned Ones- Ye Dolphin Pod, Siren Sister Mermaids, Wise Whales - come sing us your song.

Oh Serpent, show us how to slither so easily out of our skin so that we may begin again. And again.

Great Sequoias of this land, ground our earthly bodies of existence in the ways that you have existed for thousands of years. Teach us how to be of this earth as if home couldn't be anywhere but here.

Galactic Counsel. Star Families. 5D, 7D, 9D, 12D densities - show us how to live a multi-dimensional existence so that the riches of this lifetime and our true soul potential can come forward, and together, in all aspects - with crystalline clarity. Show us. Help us. Upgrade. Download. Transmit your wisdom and knowledge to us - so seamlessly that we remember all our abilities and who we truly are.

Ascended Masters, who have walked this earth many lives before, during and after this calling to you. Please show us an easier, more divine alignment that will allow us to serve others in this Great Awakening of Ascension.

Archangels, Deities, Gods, Goddesses and Elementals - watch over us, allow us to feel your wings, your breath, your protection, your wisdom, your magic. Initiate. Seed. Open the possibilities so that we can carry on the grace of your gifts as you see fit.

Oh Great All. Being of No Thing and Everything. Creator. Creatrix. One from whom we are all ignited. Let us feel ourselves, see ourselves, be ourselves - in the one true source of Oneness. Let us shed all that rings of separation. Let us see that WE ARE Creation.

Please walk me now to the doorway of the highest version of myself that is available to me at this moment of divine, non-linear time.


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