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There is a deep and guttural calling out to you, from your soul - that cannot, will not, be ignored. It is yearning, rather demanding, that you can no longer wait to be realigned, brought back to who you are and what you came here to do. Now is the time for lightworkers, to have that much needed soul + human merge -so that the true reason you came here, can finally be brought forth. Which is to stand atop rubble, releasing old ways, old broken systems to usher in new healing, new freedom, new abundance, new systems - A New Earth. You are meant to be the visionary, the lamp lighter, the way shower - lighting the path to a new paradigm. 
If you are one of those people who has felt this calling, yearning and craving and desire - to reveal, release, rewild, reclaim who you are, and who you came here to be, then Calling You Home Higher Guidance Coaching is for you. It was created for you.
You came here for a very specific reason of ushering in change. And it cannot be done alone. I could not do it alone. You cannot do it alone and your future clients cannot do it alone. There is a natural order in which the Universe brings us those we need, and those we need to help, directly to us. If you are reading this, then chances are, you are meant for this path of upleveling on a grand scale, right now.
If you know that there is a healing modality from within you that needs to be shared with the world. If you know that you have a vision or an inkling or a product or service or something that you have been literally dying to bring to this world - Now is the time and this coaching can help you bring this forward and into your reality.
Calling You Home Higher Guidance Coaching is done in a very unique and specific way - that is not like any other coaching. It is done from inside your own Akashic Records. What does that mean? It means that you are given clarity and directive, a container and structure, as directed from your team - and channeled through me. Your team is comprised of the Council of light, Ascended Masters and your own Oversoul and any other sentient beings who have been assigned to you from birth in this life or other lifetimes.
From here we are unearth your soul blueprint. We create a very clear, epically clear, vision of exactly who you are, exactly what your gifts are, and exactly how they are meant to be shared with the world.
Once we have that clear picture of who you are, we bring forth the parallel reality where this already resides. We simply send out the beacon so that we connect "this you" to "that you" -  the one that has already created this business, the one that is already healing this planet. We understand, we define, we reveal, what that reality is that is already in existence. It is not fantasy. It is another reality where this is already so, because all is already so, and already exists.
When we reveal, unveil that life that you are already living in extreme success, abundance with love and kindness and the gifts that you have, are being brought forth to the world. Once we harness what that is, we then come back to this you, in this reality - and we remove all the BLOCKS that have been keeping these two realities as separate from one another. All of the old patterning, all of the blocks that are keeping you that - are the only thing standing in the way between that you and this you and we focus on that and that is INNER ALCHEMY. We remove the blocks, the limiting beliefs, the forgetting - we remove everything that has had you sleepwalking up until this point.
When those blocks are removed, there is a very clear powerful, fiery way, in which you get from here to there. And every single week, in our coaching sessions your team guides the way. This is not standard coaching protocols. This is your team of Ascended Masters, your higher oversoul and your own Akashic records that are simply defining and showing you, who you already are and we bring it into this reality.
What does this look like? Many coaching programs are done via groups. This one is done one-on-one for a very specific reason. And because this information is only for you, this would not work for someone else. This is about your soul. YOUR Blueprint, your calling. This is one on one and it is done weekly, where other coaching programs meet every other week, or monthly. This is you walking every step of the way, with your team, to build this together.
This is not a singular journey, and rarely successful when you try to go it alone. I have clients who have been attempting this for many years with very limited success and much vagueness of direction and a bit weary of what's even possible. You do not have to go this alone. And you do not need build this new construct based on what is your best guess, when you can do this with your team, with my assistance.
What does a week session look like? There is a very specific process that we use that was defined by the Council of Light, in the Akashic Records, of how one can return to their souls purpose and bring forth divine manifestation of that process. We bring forth in a very robust way, not only what your team has to say, but we uncover what your own subconscious beliefs are. And simultaneously, and from there, we can see where the differences between those lie and we break down and remove those beliefs that are not of your highest timeline. We release them and we activate you via cellular upgrade templating. 
What are some other ways in which you are supported? We also use deep hypnosis as a process to remove those subconscious limiting beliefs and that old patterning and the old neuropathways. Hypnosis is a profound path to rapid change. We also use energy healing and shamanic practices for healing trauma. We are dropping one reality while we are bringing in another. This is inner alchemy and this works.
What do we suggest as far as an amount of time? A minimum proper commitment would be 3-6 months depending on how quickly and robustly you take this on. Based on my experience of this work and its impact on clients, most people continue this longterm because there is a very real and magnetic process that happens when working in union with higher guidance from Source, there is a high speed of success and propelling that happens when you are in the resonance and frequency with the Universe. Alignment is all, and accounts for all success, abundance and ease in this world. 
Will I need to quit my full time job in order to do this? Absolutely not. But what will happen is the more you bring this into alignment, the less and less those other jobs in your life will feel like they fit and belong. So there will be a natural process that happens, that as you are attracting into your field, things of matching frequency, those which are no longer have matching frequency will naturally start to drop out.
Will this be hard or easy? It will be natural, and it will feel aligned - sometimes that will come with ease and sometimes it will be feel foreign and harder, as we rewrite your narrative of "who do you think you are?" You will be dropping every limiting belief you've had about yourself. You will walk bravely into self love, but you will not do this alone. You will be loved, and HELD, to a degree that may feel Lew to you. You will have that from your team, you will have that from the universe, and you will have that from me. And then you will start to feel it emanating from with you. And when that happens, all those around you now have a new frequency to match, in how to show up for you and how to love you. Because the entire universe is simply a mirror - that is mirroring back to us -t he grace the grit, the offering up and projecting back to us, the very vision of who we think we are. And it is time for you to see exactly who you are. And from there you become and can bring your true gifts to the world and be the soul/human that you came here to be. 
If these words have activated something in you, it is because this is meant for you. Coaching can be done as single sessions for any business and most beneficial when done on-going. 
1 Hour Coaching Session - $300

1.5 Hour Coaching Session - $400


“Coaching with Michelle, using the quantum field, has propelled the launch of my business so significantly, and quickly. It's like everything is just unfolding in front of me, the alignment is solidly present in each step. It's like having an executive board and expert advice. I've been doing this weekly for 5 months and its magic."  

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