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What is Light Language? It is a multidimensional communication of light, energy and frequency that is understood and resonates on a cellular level by all soul-beings. Light language holds sounds and frequencies and light code activations that interact with your physical body,  energetic body, and light body. It is used to release blocks, to clear and heal lower density emotions and for activations and upgrades to the cellular DNA. It bypasses the superconscious and analytical mind and interacts with our soul. It activates feelings more than thoughts and raises our receptivity and frequency. It's not necessary to understand the concepts and meanings of it in order to experience all the benefits of it.

I offer one-on-one light language activation and attunements which will begin, or enhance, your own journey in to light language. It is not taught- it is remembered by our soul- as the first language of creation. When one starts channeling light language it is not necessary or even common to understand what is coming through. Over time the concepts and translation of the light language transmission will become known in real time or after channeling. The light languages that you will channel/bring through will be those that are native to your soul, regardless of what dialect you are attuned with.

Light language comes in different forms. It can be spoken, sung, written, drawn, sign danced, and transmitted. There are four categories of light language that the many dialects fit into- Angelic (includes Sarafem, Archangel, and the Elohim), Galactic (includes Pleiadian,  Arcturian, Andromedan, and Galactic Federation of Light), Elemental (includes Dragon, Fairy and Mermaid), and Gaia (includes Ancient Lemurian and Atlantean)light languages. The light languages that I currently speak and most often bring through are Arcturian, Pleiadian, Andromedan, Mantis, Avian, Galactic Federation, Sarafem, Angelic, ancient Lemurian, Atlantean, dragon and fairy. 

75 MINUTE Session - $333


“The Light Language Activation that I did with Michelle has dramatically changed my spiritual path. I had done several other Light Language group attunements with other practitioners over several years and Michelle's one-on-one activation was so deeply profound in awakening me that I wish I had found her years ago. As I now speak the Light Language, I can feel it actually healing my own heart."

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