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Through a reading in your own Akashic Records, you are shown who you are as a soul being (with its many lives) and who you came here to be. Your purpose (earth assignment) is shown - and how to best achieve it. Your core wounds are explained for how they are part of your soul assignment and how to clear them. Karma and Karmic relationships are revealed/realigned. Soul contracts are clarified and updated. Touch into the place inside of you that has been waiting… for the sign, looking for the permission to step into something so much bigger. In one reading, your whole world becomes clearer. With ongoing readings, your whole world changes...


I currently have openings for working with me on an ongoing basis for those looking to fast track their ascension and/or desire ongoing support in a new chapter of their life and soul purpose. I also keep a handful of individual reading spots open for new clients. If you had read this far, we are likely meant to work together, book a session now with the links below. Sessions can be done in-person in Sausalito, CA or via Zoom. Readings and healing hypnosis sessions done via Zoom are just as powerful as in-person and may have sooner availability so check both links

$175/30min reading


$300/1 hour reading  

5 Session Package/$1375 



I have been going to see Michelle for sessions since July of 2021. That very first session literally blew my world and changed my life- this is not overstated. It was in that very first session that I realized I had discovered the most accurate and profound psychic and channeler I've ever met, and I have consulted many over the years, including attending a psychic Institute for 5 years where I gave and received many readings. Michelle was able to give me, by being in my Akashic records and consulting with my spiritual guides there, such exact information communicated in such a very specific way that it spoke directly to me as though I was talking to myself. The wording used were literally like my higher self plucking out just the right wording that I could not deny the message at all, and had to immediately admit to myself things that I had been hiding from and not wanting to look at.

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