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Sit in the dirt, the soft warm earth. Over here under the Willow tree. FEEL the way the leaves and strings of leaves drape around you, long strands falling on both sides of you.

The strands are pathways, Dear One, to allow all emotions and vibrations and frequencies that are not of your highest timeline, to simply attach to, and leaf by leaf they are carried on a Willow Highway where they make a lovely leap to the Earth. They are rich in density and act as a beautiful fertilizer for the soil beneath our existence.

The earth freely and actively participates in helping us to freedom by eagerly taking that which is not ours, the moment we put our attention and ask for it to gracefully be taken from us. We ask now, that all is not ours to carry, be released.

And with each dandelion that you so love to find, fully intact, from this moment forward see those white delights as vehicles to carry your heavy thoughts and visions of what could go wrong, and the supposed “what already did.” As you blow deeply into their core, know that each worry, fear and sorrow is now safely in flight to meet its counterpart somewhere in the universe for cosmic alchemy.

For there is always this gift right inside of us to be a participant in the release and the letting go. We do not need to stay on the false narrative of “Life of Outer Circumstances” with its dead ends and blind curves.

We can ask ourselves at the close of each day of this rich life, “Is there anything or anyone that I am choosing to carry that is not for my souls highest path?” And then pause and contemplate before even answering. Perhaps the pondering is simply enough for this today. Just allowing that niggle to have its moment in the spotlight. Or maybe this IS the moment to say goodbye to an old story and the fear, in order for Book 2 (or Book 10) to come to life.

And the words come gracefully, “Thank you fear and old story of mine. You were once a perceived friend and previous ally for walking with me, in a way you thought protective and helpful. I so honor how committed you were to me. I am grateful to be in this brave and expansive place of being able to end our journey together. I say goodbye to you today. (And perhaps again tomorrow, if you feel the need to return) I say goodbye and I release you fully from my being in all dimensions, timelines, contracts and densities. And with that I honor the new space in me that is now ready to step straight into expansion. and Love.” And so it is.


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