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Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Channeled from The 9th Density Pleiadian Andromedan Collective

Dear Lightworkers,

We say to you, the time is now. You are still holding onto roles that no longer serve. The Closet Healer, The Victim, The Caretaker, The Nights and Weekends Psychic. You cannot be the same and then expect others to be different. You must sever ties and attitudes and end the madness of your certainty for what is.

Inside of you there is a haven. A nest. A solarium. That is becoming. And hence You are Becoming.

Once it is ready and all crystals have been placed and all portals and boost locations aligned, others will be called to you - And they will find their way to you. And you will collect all who need this clarity and divinity and adornment and that which is needed to open the Lotus Of Life. Each petal a piece that looks in.

The reweaving of all together. Each individually reweaving their truths into reality and the lies into dust. The reweaving of the tender heart fibers that tore so long ago and then grew tough and separated. The reweaving of the heart to the mind. The mind that had to break off into tiny segmented pieces so that all could survive and stay in some semblance of “fine”. Creating dead ends for the truth to be seen. All needed at that time so survival was an actual outcome.

But the time has come, Dear Ones, because YOU DID IN FACT OPEN THIS DOOR. This gorgeous huge beautiful door to the knowing - and asking to become whole again. And in making you whole, all the lights turned on. In the light you see the dust bunnies of darkness. You see the living who are in fact more akin to fake plastic plants. And the networks and underpinnings in your life that are not only not for your highest good - they have been holding back your watering can so those magic beans you have been planting would never, ever, grow.

So you sit now with your head tucked into your knees, rocking back and forth, moaning “what now?”. For you are devastated and horrified. Which is fine. For awhile.

But the time has now come, in this now moment of Great Awakening, the Quickening - that you stand up. And wake up. And say, “I am an amazing, living, sovereign, galactic whole being who has been woken up - and now showing up. To light the way home for other who are waiting and wandering in the darkness looking for the lamplighters to come.” Hearing, and answering, their cries of confusion and separation.

You must now, set down all the lies and illusion and fear. You have a job to do and it cannot wait one minute longer. You walked the path. Now go back and light it. Put rose petals, and note of encouragement, And light language song and whatever is needed to show ALL, the way home to the New Lemuria.


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