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As an animal communicator, I work with dogs, cats, horses, birds and more. If you would like to communicate directly your pet to hear how they are doing emotionally, what their perception of a situation is or their wishes regarding a medical diagnosis - an animal communication session is a great way to do this. Some animals have a very unique dynamic with humans that is very different than other pets, horses have quite complex thoughts and understanding of what is happening than what we would assume. My clients with horses often find these sessions incredibly valuable to understand their animal more accurately. I often do a handful of sessions with clients during the last chapter of a pets life here, so that you can understand their wishes on how they would like to spend the last chapter together and when they are ready to close this.  If your beloved animal   has recently passed on, a session is a beautiful way to hear directly from them about their life with you and what they are doing now from the other side. If you have a desire to connect with your animal in a much deeper and unique way,  please book a session.

$195/30 minute session for each pet 




“It was such a beautiful gift to get to connect with our Father after his passing. I would never have imagined the details of his description of the life review and what happens in the beyond. The nuances of his personality and memories he spoke about were so special, he also gave each of us some gift of wisdom to carry with us."  

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