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As a psychic medium, those who have crossed over, have been communicating with me since I was a child. I often had at least one Soul who would want me to help them communicate with their family. For many years now, I have been connecting people to their loved ones who have crossed over, those on the other side want us to know so much more than what we can see from here and want to support and guide us to great clarity and love. If there is someone that you would like to connect with, clients have had extraordinary experiences hearing how their loved ones are doing now and getting insight and understanding of what the other side is all about. These sessions bring so much wisdom and love and deep connection to your soul family, Source and universal oneness. 

$333/60 minute session for one individual who has passed  


“It was such a beautiful gift to get to connect with our Father after his passing. I would never have imagined the details of his description of the life review and what happens in the beyond. The nuances of his personality and memories he spoke about were so special, he also gave each of us some gift of wisdom to carry with us."  

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