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Welcome...You were meant to be here, reading this, right now - in readiness and waiting for what true freedom (and joy) is. I am Michelle McKayla, I am here to reunite you, with your true soul potential and the divine connection to Oneness and Unconditional Love - to help move all those who are ready into the New Earth and its ascension. It is my honor and joy in this human experience to have been given the divine gift of being a Seer. I do this through the psychic readings in the Akashic Records, trauma healing done inside of hypnosis, Higher guidance coaching, past life regressionchanneling the Ascended Masters/Beings from other realms, Light Language activations, and Light Encoded Artwork. Our time of separation has come to an end, and the waking up to who we truly are, is now...and so readily available. Allow this beautiful work to open new possibilities for you -  isn't it time?


"The very first session with Michelle literally blew my world and changed my life- this is not overstated. The next session after that was me getting answers to many mysteries in my life I have wondered about that occurred over the years, and the subsequent sessions after that continued to give me crystal clear clarity about all my close relationships, my soul purpose, my blocks and how to move past them. Now I am doing business coaching with her, and this not any ordinary business coaching...! This is, like, next level quantum coaching with direct access to my guides and my Akashic records. I think WOW is the correct description here.".


"Michelle is the most prolific Psychic Medium
I have ever experienced. This investment is life-changing."

"This relationship release healing hypnosis saved me during the year after my marriage ended. Every time I thought I would not make it, and considered going back, I would find my center, and faith, in this recording." DOWNLOAD NOW

"My business has completely taken off in the most easeful way. Getting counsel inside my Akashic Records is the secret. And Michelle is the key."

Michelle McKayla is available for Akashic Record Readings, Higher Guidance CoachingTrauma Healing - SMGI, Past Life Regressions, Mediumship/Contacting Passed Loved Ones, and energy healing. She offers Deep Hypnosis Healing Work in many areas, including Releasing Relationships such as divorce, family lineage/family wound clearing and more. Michelle offers Deep Hypnosis Recordings in many areas. She speaks and creates light language, that hold Light codes and DNA upgrades. Michelle Mckayla is an artist who creates Soul Portraits for her clients and has mystical art encoded with source frequency. She is a psychic medium in Marin County in Sausalito, California. 
Michelle McKayla is available for Akashic Record readings and psychic readings in person in Sausalito, Ca or via Zoom sessions. She serves are San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell, Milpitas, Fremont, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Santa Cruz, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Daly City, San Francisco, Oakland, Marin County and the entire Bay Area. Michelle McKayla also sees international clients via Skype.
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