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This healing is done via deep hypnosis and is profoundly helpful for those going through a breakup/decoupling or letting go a core relationship. When people are in a really painful loop in their relationship - these are often karmic loops, where try as they might, no matter how hard they want to make change or be different, they keep showing up in the same ways with one another, that's just so extremely painful, and they don't know how to let go. This hypnosis healing is a process of pulling that cellular connection apart so that there can be more life breathed into the situation- returning the parts of the other person to them, then reclaiming and recalling all those parts of themselves back to wholeness.

This healing holds this process in a sacred container, the decoupling needs to be held in a sacred space, and there has to be this process of accepting and claiming and loving all of the ways in which a relationship happened. And the closure of it. The completion of it is a really important process. It can purposely, and with heart and compassion, and love and grace, have that door closed.


This is a self-guided deep hypnosis recording that will bring you back into coherence - finding your grace to come back into Self and start again in a new chapter. This can be listened to as often as is needed to reorient back into trust of new joy coming.


 $99 Deep Hypnosis Healing Transmission (48min recording)



“After three  listens so far, I can finally breathe again and get some space between myself and the unbearable breakup of my marriage. After so many years together, I didn't know who I was or how to begin to move forward. Therapy, divorce coaching, the help of friends... nothing helped. This has changed everything."  

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