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We long for the love and belonging and safety that is our divine right from infancy. We come in with a cellular expectation to plug in to the oneness of family unity. And when, as infants we grasp for something that is not to be found, or that we have to cry out for to receive, it puts us on a different timeline of a forever searching and longing for one who will satiate our soul. The longing and expectation of "the one" who can make us feel whole is a never-ending outward journey that has us drifting from partner to partner or deep in  dissapointment and riddled with unmet expectations for the one we are with. It keeps our finger pointing outward of the who, and the why we do not feel complete and left longing.


This journey to the mother wound allows us to rewind- carrying with us what we want and ceremoniously setting down, that which we no longer choose to carry. It takes up back to the beginning where we can reconnect with the our own mother in the way that was divinely intended. And connect with the cosmic mother of all, to download all that was meant to come in to this world with us- as an embodied soul, having a human experience. 


From this new, nurtured, mothered, divinely-loved place. The anguished longing for love and acceptance outside ourselves begins to fall away and we turn inward to the truth of how whole we are. From here, relationships no longer need to fill a void or remedy the wrongs of another. We simply can experience the grace of others, and honor our own, and walk alongside one another in love and of love. 


Alchemizing and transmuting our deepest core wound, the Mother Wound, is available...and waiting. This is a self-guided pre-recorded hypnosis healing


$99 Deep Hypnosis Mother Wound Healing Transmission Recording


“As a man who has been in the men’s movement for years and working with father issues, it was refreshing to engage with the mother energy during the “Mother Wound” ritual by Michelle McKayla. It was exponentially transformative, revealing and healing. Through Michelle’s guidance, I recovered an important lost fragment of myself. I not only climbed the mountain, but I moved it as well! I recommend to men Michelle McKayla’s powerful and truly unique approach to healing the wounded masculine.”

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